Children’s Ministries

The heart of children’s ministry at our church is to teach kids about who God is and how His word applies to their lives in creative and memorable ways. Children of believers are members of Jesus’ church, and so we desire to treat all the children as part of the church as well. Children of all ages are encouraged to be in the worship service. Through engaging teaching and close-knit small group classes, we desire to guide kids and youth towards a better understanding of what it means to have a real relationship with God as a Christian. We want kids to know that the Bible isn’t just full of interesting stories, but that it matters in their lives today, that kids are allowed to be kids in church, that reverent worship is a wonderful privilege, and that there are adults in the church who truly want to love and lead them closer to Jesus.


We have a nursery for newborns and toddlers as well as Sunday school classes for preschoolers and K-8 students. All of our classes are designed to lay the foundation for kids to have continued conversations about God, the Bible, Christian theology, and what God is doing in their lives at home. High school students are invited to participate in the adult Sunday school class.

Morning Worship has resumed as usual at Covenant OPC; activities are no longer suspended due to COVID-19.
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